Staple Veg

Staple Veg

This weeks produce has been supplied by our local grower Andy Pearman and Incredible vegetables, who utilise no dig methods.

This weeks staples are:

  • Savoy Cabbage
  • Portion of Crown Prince Squash
  • Kale 
  • Tree Cabbage leaves
  • Shallots

We will be releasing a blog on why no-dig growing methods are so good for nature, health and food quality. But as a short explanation for now... 

When the soil is not ploughed or dug over when planting vegetables and is only minimally disturbed through pulling up veg by hand, the delicate ecosystems in the soil are maintained. This allows the diversity of life in the soil to increase, which further supports life above ground too. Healthy soil contains a broader range of bioavailable nutrients that can be more readily accessed by plants and therefore the animals that eat them. Healthy soil, leads to healthy plants, healthier animals and people. 

Take a look at this great video -