Scots Lovage
Ligusticum scoticum - Supplied by Incredible vegetables A delicious perennial flowering plant in the celery family Apiaceae. It contains the compound sotolon, which is also present in fenugreek. The flavour resembles celery and parsley and it makes a very delicious pot herb.  Suggested Uses Use in place...
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Why Biome Box?
The trouble is that we tend to get in the way of nature. Humans often assume that the best way to proceed is to dominate and control natural processes. But how can one part of an immense set of inter-related...
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Kinome - Young fresh Japanese pepper leaves
Zanthoxylum piperitum Supplied from Plants for a Future site: An unusual edible that can be grown in UK back gardens (though it is very prickly) - contact us if you are interested in obtaining seeds, or young trees to grow yourself.  The leaves...
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