Supporting Small Scale Food Growers

Diverse plant foods, from growers taking care of nature

So what exactly is Biome Box?

Biome Box offers plant based produce boxes to support small scale growers taking care of nature .

Our understanding of what is good for nature is informed by what supports greater diversity within the biome of the planet - that includes the microbiome within our human body and the soil beneath our feet. 

Biome Box aims to support small scale growers and foragers, in order to help us create a future where we can produce healthy food, from healthy soil and restore biodiversity.

We seek out diverse types of growers, that use a range of techniques, including using perennial systems, like forest gardens, as well as no dig market gardens.

Each box contains plant based foods that will diversify your diet (better supporting your microbiome). The contents are designed to support the diet of 1-2 people for a week.

Further learning

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Our Key Message

Maximising biodiversity is key to supporting nature

What people say about Biome Box

We all know that fibre is the most integral substance to the gut, it feeds the good bacteria who live there so they can do their job feeding our gut and even our brain! What you might not know is that there are different types of fibre and fermentable carbohydrates which feed different strains of bacteria in our gut. The primary factor in our gut health is not only the number of bacteria and yeasts but the diversity of different strains. Mybiomebox is a fantastic way to get out of a rut with the same old vegetable fibres and provide some diversity as variety is the spice of life!

Elizabeth Jessop MNutr RD

Dietician, Cambridge

Delicious and nutritious, I've enjoyed learning about some of the lesser known ingredients, their health benefits and where they come from. Thank you to all those involved in this labour of love.

Belinda, London

My green magic medical kit! Well-travelled and brimming with distinctive goodies-I couldn't be happier with my purchase

Kev, Bristol


To live in greater harmony nature

We think that nature knows a thing or two and we need to learn how to better work with nature's ever evolving design.

What drives us?

A better way to produce food

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Bio-Diversity Box: January
Bio-Diversity Box: January
Bio-Diversity Box: January
Bio-Diversity Box: January
Bio-Diversity Box: January
Bio-Diversity Box: January

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Bio-Diversity Box: January
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We will not be delivering a box in December. Any orders taken now will be delivered in January. Subscription payments will be paused until the end of December. 
- Want to diversify your diet, feed your microbiome and contribute towards improving  nature's biodiversity? Us too - that's why we started My Biome Box. All of our produce is sustainably sourced from wild & small-scale growers who care for nature.
- We provide a diverse range of produce, suitable for 1-2 people for a week, which contributes to biodiversity in and outside of your body.
- Produce includes: 'No dig' staple veg (2-4 varieties), wild foraged foods and unusual perennial produce. You'll find specific produce and usage information with your box and on the website in time for your delivery. See previous contents here.
- We ensure growers are paid fairly for their efforts so they can continue to do their important work. Learn more about our growers here.
- Before buying a box read our disclaimer here
Please note the image is an example of contents sent out in a previous biome box - Future boxes will not contain all the same items and will be announced on the week of delivery - (once our growers have harvested their produce).

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Meet our growers

We support farmers and gardeners who are focused on producing the highest quality produce, in greater harmony with nature. We choose growers who are evolving their practices towards regenerative models, creating a better future for our children and nature.