Good for nature, good for you

Diverse plant foods, sourced from regenerative growers

So what exactly is Biome Box?

Biome Box offers plant based fruit and veg boxes, grown in a way that is good for nature using regenerative practices.

Our understanding of what is good for nature is informed by what supports greater diversity within the biome of the planet - that includes the microbiome within our human body and the soil beneath our feet. 

Biome Box is helping to restore nature and ourselves from the soil up.

Each box contains plant based foods that will diversify your diet (taking care of your microbiome). The contents are designed to support the diet of 1-2 people for a week.

We recommend you buy monthly to top yourself up, or weekly if you are super serious about eating your way to evolutionary wellbeing.

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Want to learn more about foraging and growing your own foods?

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Our Key Message

Maximising biodiversity is key to supporting nature

Customer Reviews

My green magic medical kit! Well-travelled and brimming with distinctive goodies-I couldn't be happier with my purchase

Kev, Bristol

Delicious and nutritious, I've enjoyed learning about some of the lesser known ingredients, their health benefits and where they come from. Thank you to all those involved in this labour of love.

Belinda, London

Biome Box is an inspiration - after spending hours researching food and where it comes from, it is clear to me that we need people and companies driving change. I am happy to be part of that change through supporting biome box.

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Living in greater harmony with nature on every level

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Our Purpose

To Live in Greater Harmony With Nature

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Foraged Foods

Launch Offer

Pioneer Biome Box - August
Regular price £37.00 Sale price £32.00

Delivery on Weds 4th or Thurs 5th August (to be confirmed).

August's box will contain offerings from a 28 acre forest garden research centre planted in 1989 by Ken and Addy Fern - called 'Plants for a Future' in Cornwall, as well as wild foods, no dig veg and Deanna's woodland edge offerings. 


Introductory price £32 

This box contains a selection of plant based foods (wild grown and cultivated) to add diversity to the diet (feeding your microbiome) for 1-2 people for a week, grown in as nature friendly and regenerative a way, as we can find.

Check out the previous box contents here:

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Meet our growers

We support farmers and gardeners who are focused on producing the highest quality produce, in greater harmony with nature. We choose growers who are evolving their practices towards regenerative models, creating a better future for our children and nature.