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Building a better future - growing food in ways that benefit all life

Who are we and why Biome Box?

We are a small team of people that believe truly good things can be achieved, one balanced step at a time. Having all experienced the power of nature to nurture, heal and restore, we know that the root of all good things is centred upon simplicity and balance.

Humans have created much that we can be proud of, but we have also become grossly imbalanced. In our troubled world we are increasingly looking towards technology for solving our problems, when in fact the real key is to simply reclaim greater balance.

The more we interfere with natural processes, including evolution, the more imbalance we create and the worse things get for all life. We now need to recognise the ways in which we are getting in the way and counterbalance our excessive technological approach through a greater focus on simple, natural solutions.

Biome Box was created as a tool to enable us to create more balanced, simple and natural solutions to the problems we face today in producing our food. It aims to facilitate the restoration of biodiversity, to support the human microbiome and restore the health of our soil, to increase the numbers of small scale growers and the use of agro-ecological food growing techniques.

We know that a healthy future can only be built on healthy soil and this is what Biome Box was set up to help achieve….one balanced step at a time.

Find out more about us in the team page below.

Our Team

Teri Clayton

Creative Mother of Biome Box and three beautiful children. Creating a more ideal future for the generations to come. Listening to and learning from Nature's whispers.

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David Schofield

Visionary of how to live well and Teri's partner in crime, business and life. David is a father, life and business mentor and has very handy tech skills that balance Teri's natural skills nicely!

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Deanna Mallard

Queen plant whisperer and grower. Providing inspiration, love, protection and support. She's Mother Nature in human form to us.

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Well being for all

Our Mission

Living in greater harmony with nature.

- Humans thrive when nature thrives.

- What is truly good for us, is also good for nature.

- Biome Box takes care of the whole human ecosystem – both within and without!

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Who's providing the produce?

Our Growers

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So what is biome box exactly?
Biome box contains a diverse selection of plant based foods, lovingly and often wildly grown.

Biome Box has been specifically designed to support greater wellbeing through feeding your gut microbiome whilst taking care of the planetary biome. It supports small scale farms, producing food in harmony with nature, enhancing ecosystem diversity and encouraging the evolution of food growing practices.

Biome Box customers are not simply purchasing a box of produce. They are joining us and saying yes to an educational and inspiring journey, towards building a better way of life.

What is the gut microbiome?
The collection of micro-organisms that call your gut home are called your gut microbiota, these organisms and all of their genes, are collectively known as your gut microbiome.

You can take a deeper dive into what the microbiome is, in our free on-line course ‘Microbiome Basics’. Contact us for a link and instructions on how to join the course platform in mighty networks.

Why is it good to take care of your microbiome?
We are just beginning to unravel the many functions of the human microbiome. Aside from supporting a healthy digestive tract and healthy digestion, the microbiome may also help to regulate inflammation and the immune system, whilst potentially playing a role in our moods, energy levels and in producing essential compounds, such as B vitamins . Taking care of your microbiome may support your digestion, whilst also potentially extracting and producing more essential nutrients.

This is a very brief and simple description of the functions of the microbiome, as this topic goes far beyond the scope of this article. The microbiome impacts every function within the body through the free exchange of genetic information. We go into more depth about this cutting edge area of science in the courses we are working on, please do contact us if you want to find out more!

Can’t I just take dietary supplements to get the same benefits in food?
Supplements made in a laboratory lack the synergistic effects that you get from whole raw foods. Human beings have evolved in Nature and we have evolved to eat foods that contain a collection of compounds that all perform different functions that can ONLY work optimally together.

Taking concentrated amounts of any compound in a supplement form may lead to imbalanced effects within the body, that may or may not be immediately obvious. These are commonly known as side effects, or adverse effects and can put additional strain on the body unnecessarily. Many dietary supplements commonly cause nausea, irritate the digestive system and may upset the delicate balance of the microbiome, (particularly if fillers like lactose, or flow agents are used).

Eating a balanced and diverse diet is far better for our health all round than using supplements.

With the recent understanding that the genetic information within living foods has an effect on our health, it becomes obvious that synthetic supplements can never mimic the full complexity and miracle of nature.

Whole food supplements/powders may be more helpful, but the drying process, (even if preserving foods in a raw state), means that a large portion of beneficial compounds, in the form of volatile oils, may be missing.

You really cannot beat a diverse range of natural, fresh and raw foods for nutrient content and beneficial effects on overall wellbeing.

If you have any further questions about Biome Box, we’d love for you to get in touch!

How does the biome box support greater wellbeing?
The produce found in your Biome Box has been selected to optimise the diversity of plant based foods in the diet.

Consuming a diverse range of produce is the best way to ensure your diet contains a broad spectrum of beneficial phytochemicals, such as simple and complex phenolic compounds. These compounds are proving to be highly beneficial to human wellbeing. With studies demonstrating that they may reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease and provide powerful antioxidant protection within the body.

Eating from a diverse array of foods also ensures that you are consuming sufficient pre-biotic fibres to support the growth of beneficial organisms living in your gut, collectively known as your gut microbiome.

Science is just beginning to reveal how interconnected we are with the natural world around us. Through the exchange of genetic packets of information known as microRNA our biology can be altered in response to the health of the ecosystems from which we eat, drink and breath.

The health of the ecosystems in which our food is grown really does matter, when it comes to our wellbeing, as much as what we eat!

What makes biome box different?
Biome Box is the result of a combination of ideals, knowledge, experience and passion to support greater human and planetary wellbeing. With educational and inspiring content, you won’t simply be eating and creating a better way of life, you will also understand and experience for yourself why it’s so good for you!

Our growers work to support healthier ecosystems, seeking to work in ever greater harmony with nature.

We have designed the Biome Box with maximal diversity in mind. Combining our personal and working experience in the health and wellbeing sector, personal development, science, transitioning to regenerative farming, small holding, the microbiome, herbalism, plant knowledge and growing, food industry, IT and logistical organisation, we have brought together a unique team. Together we understand how best to leverage food choices, growing methods and logistics to offer our customers the opportunity to contribute to building a better food system and future.

What makes us different is that, we take a creative and artistic approach to business - this means that no-one can offer what we offer! Every box we put together involves creative inspiration alongside collaboration and communication with nature.