Teri Clayton

Teri Clayton

Teri spent her childhood waist deep in rivers, falling out of conker trees, galloping down main roads and sleeping on the stable floor with goslings and ducklings snuggled into her jacket. With a love of nature and a deep desire to support life to thrive, Teri set about a career to find cures for the incurable as an industrial Pharmacist, she soon realised this was not the route for her. After fifteen years working as a community Pharmacist, finding additional ways to support people with herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle changes, Teri stepped out on her own to support people in reducing the need for medication in the  first place.

After a while Teri realised that there was a huge piece of the wellbeing puzzle missing from our everyday lives - life is not evolving together. Our food and local environment are not evolving into increasing complexity, balance and harmony - but are going in the opposite direction. We are degrading our soils and reducing the opportunities for nature to evolve into greater complexity and harmony. 

Teri could see that we were missing opportunities for helping ourselves and nature evolve into increasing levels of wellbeing through encouraging greater diversity, balance and harmonious relationships. Whilst there is much great work being done, the direction humanity seems to be going in is an imbalanced reliance on innovation through technology for our basic survival needs and Teri wants to build systems that balance this out. 

There is no better quality of life and wellbeing available for humans, than that afforded by living in harmony with nature. We need to evolve with nature, not go in a genetically modified, lab cultured alternative direction.

Teri's focus is now on improving the health of the soil - because all life above ground relies on the forgotten life beneath our feet.  

Even the health of the human microbiome is dependent on continual exchange of genetic information (via mechanisms like transduction and conjugation) with microbes in evolving ecosystems. Without these evolutionary 'upgrades' our microbes fall behind in being able to maintain balance. Nature is continually working out how to keep the growth of organisms in check - any organisms that cannot be kept in check become pathogenic and damaging to health. This is what is happening in nature and within the human body. We are preventing nature from creating more balance and harmony and are instead causing a regression, through destroying ecosystem complexity and preventing the exchange of life enhancing genetic information within out own bodies. 

We could be growing our food in small scale systems that create healthier soils year upon year, using plants that grow by themselves without requiring constant disturbance of the delicate and fascinating ecosystems in the soil. 

Teri's vision is of a food growing system based on permanent plantations of wild or heritage plants,  perennial market gardens and edible forest gardens, fully designed to convert as much sunlight as possible into organic matter to feed life on earth. Every grower will create different ecosystems - with a diverse collection of life. Some  people will focus on creating as much diversity on their plot as possible, others will focus on fruits, nuts and seeds, some will focus on diverse pastures or mature woodland for keeping livestock. We need as much diversity in food growing as possible, if we are to restore evolutionary momentum. 

Biome Box was created as a way to facilitate this happening. From making small scale growing immediately viable for new growers, to increasing the amount of land that is both productive AND restorative for biodiversity, Biome Box is showing how we can build a better future for all life.