January's box contents

Delivered Thursday 20th January - Pre-order for February now

Box Contents and important notice regarding courier delays

Delivery is expected to take place Thursday 20th or in some cases Friday 21st of January. We have e-mailed all customers that placed an order for January's box. Please check your e-mails for updates on expected delivery. We have experienced multiple issues with courier collections, due to staffing issues at depots.

The box is well worth the extra wait though - our best one yet :)

Chequer Berries (Wild Service Tree Berries)

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Mineral and Herb Bundle. (Fresh nettle root and herbs)

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Bio-diversity Special Mix

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Wild Salad mix

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Super-power wild greens

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Meadowsweet Vinegar

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Winter Roots tea

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Staple No Dig Veg

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Suppliers & Packaging

Incredible Vegetables

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Pearman's veg

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Deanna - The Wild Pharma

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Note of Caution:

Not all wild foods, herbs and plants are suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people taking medication - so it is best to avoid eating any new foods, unless you have consulted with your midwife or other healthcare professional. This applies to shop purchased foods and herbs too - sage for example may cause problems in pregnancy and affect breastmilk production and changing your intake of leafy greens can interact with anti-coagulants.

This Biome Box contains plant based foods that you may never have tried before. If you are pre-disposed to allergic food reactions then we advise that you speak to your healthcare provider before consumption.

Always wash fresh produce thoroughly before consumption

And That's it.

We trust you will have a wonderful time exploring the different foods in your Pioneer's Biome Box and it will leave you feeling incredible by the end of the week.

Please let us know how you get on!