How To Read Nature - Weeds
Part 1 - Weeds Everything in nature happens for a reason - there are no random processes that do not serve some function or purpose.  Be humble when dealing with something you consider to be a problem, (like weeds), nature...
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Resilient Societies

As we face into an unprecedented period of disruption and rapid change, it is absolutely vital that we take proactive measures to become more resilient.

Resilience begins with effective management of essential resources, such as water, food and shelter. Healthy land upon which to grow food is of paramount importance in building resilient communities and ultimately a resilient society

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Evolution -  Are You In?
Large scale changes are happening - with so many important decisions seemingly needing to be made at the same time. We are however at a crossroads with one decision that is far more important than the rest - do we protect the choice to rely upon nature for our survival? Our evolution alongside nature sees us exist in ever increasing levels of harmony and co-operation - yet we are slipping ever further into away from this potential.
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