Evolution - Are You In?

Evolution -  Are You In?

We are Evolving - Are You In?

People are increasingly recognising that large, permanent changes are currently taking place. Some are fighting change, some are fighting the system, whilst many others are fighting anyone who is not of a like mind. 

Yet what the majority of people are missing entirely is that humanity currently stands at a crossroads. The direction we choose will have irreversible effects, that will stick with humanity and impact the quality of life on Earth, for the rest of our days and well beyond - the stakes could not be higher. 

It’s little wonder then that extremes of opinions, emotions, directions and confusion are unfolding. People know (on some level) that the direction they (individually) choose matters. 

It is perfectly natural given such high stakes that people begin to question others, themselves and their leaders. People are seeking out experts, science, facts and some kind of solid ground from which to form their decisions. Those that have done a little more than superficial digging have scared themselves senseless, whilst those that have dug a little further still, have found themselves totally lost in a world that makes no sense at all. 

Whether your head is full of stories that contain some semblance of truth matters little however, as practically everyone is missing the very thing that needs to be seen.

Humankind has slowly been stepping further and further from the reality and difficulties of life - towards increasing levels of safety, comfort and ease. Yet this has had a huge cost. We have collapsed ecosystems and species diversity so much that acute disease outbreaks, as well as chronic diseases are now considered normal - even in our children. 

The solution won’t be in fighting the systems that led us down this track, or in feeling paralysed and powerless to effect change. The solutions lie in helping nature recover in order that we maintain the choice to evolve alongside nature, instead of pinning all our hopes on technological salvation.

As we face into the abyss of ecological collapse - we face a choice. Do we channel our efforts into restoring biodiversity and thus salvage our capacity to rely upon the most solid of foundations - nature itself. Or do we let the diversity of nature collapse further, until we are left with no choice but to rely entirely on technology for everything necessary for our survival - from clean water and food to health and culture. Some would argue that it is already too late, but I have seen how quickly nature recovers with effective, connected land stewardship and I know that every effort we apply to restoring biodiversity, will lead to a much better life for all on planet Earth. 

Currently we are edging dangerously close to living in a world that depends entirely upon technology and the control mechanisms this will require. Those who are fighting the system may well have seen much wrong doing in the world, but this is now simply a huge distraction from the work that urgently needs to be done.  Those people fighting the system are banging their heads against a brick wall instead of picking up the tools to create a doorway through. In truth, we are running out of time to build an alternative, because we urgently need to regenerate natural systems.

We are sliding increasingly towards having NO CHOICE. It matters little what is wrong, right, just or unjust - if you only have one option left. 

The voices of those who are fighting the system will be as useless and powerless as those screaming in despair to undo what they have willingly allowed to happen. 

In the words of George Orwell: 

The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one: don't let it happen

The choice we now have is to evolve alongside nature and begin restoring biodiversity, or to lose the option of having this choice. 

For those who want to create a better way forward - we now need to focus on creating evolving complex ecosystems that also produce food. Find out more about this and what you can do about it in our next blog. 

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