Ramsons - Wild Garlic
Restore the strength of your inner bear! The latin name is Allium ursinum being derived from “ursus” (bear) and according to folk tales, bears would consume this plant after coming out of hibernation to remove toxins from the body and to regain...
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Hippophae rhamnoides
Also known more commonly as Sea Buckthorn - supplied in Juice form  This plant grows freely in parts of the UK, so much so that it can become invasive, but it is well deserving of one of its alternative names...
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Spring  'Wild Salad Mix'
Read full details about Deanna's spring tonic - wild salad mix here This Wild Salad Mix is formulated to be an addition to your usual gentler tasting salad leaves (Cos, Romaine, Butterhead etc) and would be even more delicious when mixed in...
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Woodland Soup Mix

Picked by hand and beautifully bunched by Deanna from her own abundant and biodiverse meadow at the woodlands edge. 

You can nibble any of these items raw, whizz them up into a green super-smoothie, or make a delicious soup out of them. 

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Salty Fingers
Rinse well before use These are an absolutely delicious salty, juicy and crunchy wild coastal vegetable. Suggested uses: Steam gently or saute in butter as you would for tenderstem broccoli Use them as a natural replacement for salt by adding...
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