Western Hemlock

Spending time in forests has been shown to boost the immune system, chiefly increasing the number of killer cells (1,2,3), through inhaling a variety of compounds known as terpenes. Make sure you have a good whiff of your Douglas Fir leaves. If you wish you can put a little under your pillow for some overnight inhaled terpene goodness! 

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Shiitake Mushrooms

These mushrooms are well known for their health supporting qualities!

Add the whole pack to a soup or stew and boil for 10-15 mins or until they are soft.

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Dried Nettle
Nettles are a rich source of minerals and make a great nutrient booster. Simply add a tablespoon to soups, stews or smoothies. 
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Staple 'No-dig' Veg
We source staple veg from the most nature friendly growers we can find. Our main supplier is Andy Pearman who uses no dig practices and heritage varieties where possible and is researching and planning how to add perennial crops to his growing plans.
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