Sea Buckthorn Juice - The Holy Fruit

Sea Buckthorn Juice - The Holy Fruit

This plant grows freely in the UK but is well deserving of one of its alternative names -The Holy Fruit of the Himalayas’, check out this blog:

There is  no shortage of scientific evidence for it’s high nutritional content and potential health benefits - just a quick pubmed search of ‘sea buckthorn’ reveals 903 studies (May 2021). 

This sour bright juice provides a bold, refreshing and  energising hit to start your day with. Wild foraged by James Wood’s team at Totally wild UK. 

Loaded with vitamin C amongst many other vitamins, it is a great way to diversify your nutrient intake and support your immune system. The bright berries of sea buckthorn are fast becoming known for their omega 7 content.  Omega 7 helps to keep mucous membranes healthy - supporting the health of your respiratory system, mouth, eyes, as well as urinary and genital systems. Many women anecdotally report it to be beneficial for some symptoms of the menopause - something that I witnessed anecdotally in my patients whilst working as a Pharmacist. 

Meta Insights

For me I notice how soft and delicate the berries are (they often burst when being picked), seated next to formidable protective thorns. To me it symbolises our capacity to access delicate, soft and gentle aspects of our nature - because we all carry the inbuilt capacity to protect and defend such vulnerability as needed. Nature offers symbolism of balance and harmony to all that can tune into the balanced and harmonious aspects of themselves. Sea Buckthorn reminds us that we can be soft and vulnerable, but only if we have the capacity and necessary strength to protect and shield our delicate nature. If one is too fragile and sensitive without the right structures in place to protect them, it leads to acute-sensitivity and defensiveness. 

Suggested Use

We recommend you have a 20ml wake-up shot of juice every morning - dilute it with some water if you find it too sharp.

Alternatively you can have it before meals, where different nutrients will be extracted by your digestive processes. 

You can also use it in place of lemon juice in any recipe for a deeper, smoother flavour.

Try making salad dressings with it using the recipe below:

30ml Sea Buckthorn Juice

50ml Extra virgin Olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

1  finely chopped fresh garlic clove

Tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Tablespoon of honey or maple syrup