Rhubarb is an understated perennial veg/fruit that offers such a bounty of benefits to any habitat it grows in.  It's large almost exotic leaves offer much needed shade to insects, frogs, toads and others at the height of summer. It's...
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Hedgerow Shoots
A mix of fresh shoots from the hedgerows Includes hawthorn and berry shoots with a dash of archangel yellow leaves for their beauty. Suggested Uses: Wash well before use Sprinkle onto salads Use as a garnish on main meals Use...
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Wild mustard greens with tender leaves growing in a garden
As the name suggests, mustard greens come from the same family as the seeds used to make mustard. This leafy green boasts a unique, peppery flavour a bit like a cross between rocket and cress.  Suggested uses Wash well before...
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