Every food grower will tell you that their land is unique, the sunlight and wind exposure, rainfall, soil organisms, humidity, wildlife, soil minerals and historical use, amongst many other factors. Working with this uniqueness, (instead of fighting against, or ignoring it), produces food that has never been grown before and will never be grown again!

Every chef develops their own unique style, turning cooking and food preparation into an art form and farmers do the same when growing food. How and where food is grown affects it’s flavour and nutritional content. We know that the best food comes from great farmers that work with the uniqueness of their land, creating incredible, nourishing food, with the help of nature. 

By supporting diversity in food production methods that work with nature, we are increasing the resilience and positive impact of our food industry. This evolutionary way of producing food paves the way for human ingenuity to deal with the many types of challenges we are already facing in feeding a growing world population.

Only through enhancing the resilience provided by increasing the diversity of food growers and working with nature, do we stand a chance of providing the food security and optimal nutrition, the world urgently needs right now.

Meet our growers

Helen and Stuart Kearney

Helen and Stuart Kearney live at Elder Farm, a five and a half acre organic farm in Devon which is part of the Ecological Land Co-operative's first site in the UK. They have a background in permaculture, cooperatives, organic growing and outdoor education. Helen is a medical herbalist with practices in two nearby towns.

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Incredible Vegetables

Incredible Vegetables is an experimental vegetable growing project and a research space dedicated to useful perennial edibles and future food crops and a perennial vegetable nursery set up and managed by Mandy Barber and Julien Skinner. 

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Plants for a Future (The Ferns)

This national treasure is home to thousands of varieties of edible plants and showcases the great diversity of food we could be growing in the UK.

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Totally Wild UK

Foraged Foods Wholesaler

Having been in love with the wild world since childhood, James spent many years developing his skills and knowledge of all things “wild” from mushroom paper to elder berry salt.

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Deanna Millard


Herbalist Deanna set up The Wild Pharma to offer the highest quality medicinal plants to friends, family and herbal clients. Plants that are grown and harvested with love,  reverence  and respect for all of Nature.

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Aweside Farm

Organic Smallholding

We’re Sinead & Adam, two organic farmers growing edible flowers, vegetables and herbs on our 4.5 acre smallholding in Arlington, East Sussex.

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Mushroom Cultivation

Vicky and Anton run a micro-farming unit with everything designed to be as sustainable as possible. They live and run their business totally off grid.

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Martin Denny

Wild Forager

Martin spent much of his childhood in the company of his Grandfather, who lived a very simple and beautiful existence on the banks of the river Great Ouse.

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