Deanna Millard

Deanna Millard

Herbalist Deanna set up The Wild Pharma to offer the highest quality medicinal plants to friends, family and herbal clients. Plants that are grown and harvested with love,  reverence and respect for all of Nature.

My mission is to help reconnect people with the deep magic of plants in a way that raises the health and vibration of both person and plant. Our bodies are rich in receptors for plant chemistry that we no longer consume, so introducing wild foods into the diet enhances our health and wellbeing in ways perhaps only our ancestors understood.

I have a passion for the wild and untameable edible and medicinal plants growing all around us and meeting the Biome Box co-founder Teri has lead to the creation of an ‘Edible Meadow’ on my small patch of Sussex land.

I am honoured to be a part of the vision that Biome Box is helping to create and look forward to providing both edible and medicinal plant produce.

You can find Deanna's herbalist site and contact her directly here: