Babington Leek Flower Heads

Babington Leek Flower Heads

Get back to the food of your ancestors! This wild alternative to cultivated garlic, onions and leeks is as delicious as it is beautiful. It not only adorns your dishes to make them look absolutely incredible, it also packs a deep and potent garlicky hit

Grown in a 28 acre forest garden, this offering will be packed with diverse collections of microbes that have been evolving together for years, supporting your microbiome with genetic information that you just wont find in annual crops grown in constantly disturbed soils. 

Suggestions for use

Best eaten raw and in small amounts (it is quite strong!), pick off the little green balls and add to your finished meal/salad as a garnish. Alternatively you can add the whole head to dishes towards the end of cooking in soups, or other dishes in place of garlic. 

Making a base of garlic oil or vinegar for dressings:

You can add this whole to a jar and cover over entirely with olive oil. Put the lid on, shake and leave to sit for several weeks. Shake every now and again. After several weeks the oil will contain a wonderful garlic flavour. If you want a stronger oil you can cut the head into four pieces before covering in oil. 

Alternatively you can make a base for vinaigrette dressings. Place the whole or the chopped up Babington leek head in a jar/wide mouth bottle - fill and cover entirely with apple cider vinegar. Put the lid on and shake. Leave to brew for a few days, shaking every now and then. This creates a wonderful garlic flavoured vinegar that you can add to dressings.