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Food that's good for nature, including you! 

A fresh plant food box sourced sustainably from the wild and small scale growers taking care of nature. A happy side effects is providing greater nutrient and fibre diversity to feed you and your microbiome. 

Box will contain:

  • 'No dig' staple veg 3-4 varieties - grown at our local regenerative farm
  • Herbal offerings from Deanna's herb garden and meadow at the woodlands edge.
  • Wild Foraged foods
  • Unusual perennial produce
  • Seasonal fruits

Quantities are designed for 1-2 people for a week.

As always you will be sent an informative webpage a few days before delivery, revealing the specific contents and offering suggestions for use. Most produce can be eaten raw, but occasionally some require cooking, (they will be labelled as such). 


Please get in touch if you have any queries you need answering before making a purchase:

Check out the previous box contents here:

Elizabeth Jessop MNutr RD , Dietician says:

'We all know that fibre is the most integral substance to the gut, it feeds the good bacteria who live there so they can do their job feeding our gut and even our brain! What you might not know is that there are different types of fibre and fermentable carbohydrates which feed different strains of bacteria in our gut. The primary factor in our gut health is not only the number of bacteria and yeasts but the diversity of different strains. Mybiomebox is a fantastic way to get out of a rut with the same old vegetable fibres and provide some diversity as variety is the spice of life!'

Teri Clayton MPharmS, Pharmacist says:

'We are discovering that the health of the gut microbiome is vital in maintaining health. Far from simply impacting digestion, the health of the microbiome impacts the health of every single human cell. From body weight and mood, to regulating the immune system and levels of inflammation, a healthier, more robust microbiome leads to greater wellbeing. The simplest way to support the microbiome is through eating a diverse diet of wholefoods, grown in healthy soils. The beautiful thing with this is that growing diverse foods in ways that support healthy soil - is also great for biodiversity and nature. We can't achieve great human health without taking care of nature. This is what Biome Box is all about - taking better care of all life!

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