Gut Health Course - Programme I

Gut Health Course - Programme I

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Welcome to the Gut Health Course, an ever deepening journey into understanding the human gut, how it effects human health and how it is connected to the health of ecosystems and the soil. 

This course begins with Programme I covering:

  • An introduction to the human gut and what gut health looks like
  • The importance of the gut microbiome
  • How to support the health of the gut through diet

Subsequent programmes will take you deeper and further into leading edge research, regenerative agriculture, soil health, understanding the microbiome and further. We will be expanding our understanding of complex interdependent systems and how they can support or regress our evolution into greater diversity and harmony. This knowledge will not only improve your capacity to better steward your own inner ecosystem within your gut, but also lead you towards living in greater harmony with the planetary ecosystem as a whole. This may be used to enhance your own wellbeing, but can also be applied to creating resilient systems within organisations and businesses large and small. 

Learn alongside Biome Box founder, Teri and nutritionist James Dunham. 


Programme I is made up of three sessions that will take place fortnightly. You have the choice of attending on Thursday evenings (7-9pm) or Saturday mornings (11-1pm), depending on your schedule.

Programme I dates:

Session 1: Thursday 19th October or Saturday 21st October 

Session 2: Thursday 2nd November or Saturday 4th November

Session 3: Thursday 16th November or Saturday 18th November


The course will take place at Waterloo Cottage Farmshop and Regenerative Farm, 34 Harborough Rd, Great Oxendon, Market Harborough LE16 8NA

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