Compost Activator

Compost Activator

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Enhance your compost with our multi strain probiotic with living microbes designed to accelerate and improve the natural breakdown of organic materials. 

Key Benefits

• helps to increase oxygen
• helps to reduce smells
• microbes ferment anaerobically without rotting
• makes healthy compost for fertile soil, with better water and nutrient retention
• eco-packaging: the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and the bottle and the lid are recyclable

How to use

Mix 1 litre of compost activator with 2 litres of water per cubic meter of compost and spray. To maintain fast and effective composting, spray weekly thereafter with a dilution of 1 litre to 6 litres of water per cubic meter. We recommend using unchlorinated water – allow tap water to stand for 30 mins to dechlorinate.

Do not apply in direct sunlight.


Purified water, beneficial microbes (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and hydrocarbon processing bacteria), organic molasses and water.

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