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Speed up fermentation of your kitchen food waste and keep nasty smells at bay by adding Bokashi.

Bokashi is a dried fermented wheat bran that naturally promotes fermentation of all food waste, cooked or uncooked, and creates a rich compost for your garden.

Key Benefits

• suppresses unpleasant odours
• accelerates fermentation of kitchen waste
• once food waste has fully fermented, it can be worked into soil as a fertiliser
• creates a rich fermented compost for your garden
• produces liquid runoff which also boosts fertility in indoor and outdoor plants

How to use

Add a handful of Bokashi to kitchen waste whenever you
top it up. When you empty it outside onto compost or bury in soil, add an extra handful of Bokashi.

Fermented food waste produces nutrient dense compost. Dilute liquid runoff 1:100 with water and apply sparingly to indoor and outdoor plants.


Organic wheat bran, effective microbes, sugar cane molasses, charcoal.

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