Further Details - What is a Biome Box?

What is a Biome Box?

Designed to feed your gut microbiome and heal the soil

  • Diversify Your Diet: We believe in good food, that diversifies our diet so we can be healthier and happier day-to-day. So on top of your usual veg, grown by Andy on his natural spring watered market gardens, you'll receive anything from wild foraged tree salads to hand picked Irish moss, to hawthorn berries and unusual herbs.
  • Support Growers who care for nature: The added benefit of buying an original Biome Box is that you are helping to create a more harmonious and balanced food system, by supporting us to the support sustainable foragers or small-scale growers who care for nature.
Support us in facilitating the creation and maintenance of food systems that allow life to thrive.
  • Want to diversify your diet, feed your microbiome and contribute towards improving  nature's biodiversity? Us too - that's why we started My Biome Box. All of our produce is sourced from sustainable foragers or small-scale growers who care for nature.
  • See previous contents here.
  • We ensure growers are paid fairly for their efforts so they can continue to do their important work. Learn more about our growers here.
  • Before buying a box read our disclaimer here
  • Please note the image is an example of contents sent out in a previous biome box
  • Future boxes will not contain all the same items and will be announced on the day of delivery - (once the produce is harvested and packed).