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Microbiome Boost Box

Microbiome Boost Box

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Contents (and what you can do with them) are revealed on the day of delivery on 'This Months Content' page.

A surprise box containing a selection of around 3-4 varieties of exciting and unusual edible fresh plant foods. We source from land loving foragers and small scale growers - from forest gardens, perennial systems, forage gardens, abundant wild areas, private meadows, herbal gardens and more. 

For those interested in supporting the microbiome through eating a maximally diverse diet from growers taking care of the soil. 

This box is intended to supplement a more diverse diet for 1-2 people for a week. Portions are supplementary and enhance meals/smoothies or can be eaten as snacks/teas or side dishes. 

Drop the dried superfoods, eat FRESH UK grown diverse super plants!

Have a look at our previous contents for an idea about the kinds of produce you might get. 


This fresh seasonal plant food box is designed to:
  1. Feed the gut microbiome
  2. Contribute towards restoring healthy soil
  3. Maximally increase dietary diversity
  4. Financially support nature friendly, small scale growers
  5. Drive the enhancement of natural biodiversity

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