Young Vine Leaves

Young Vine Leaves

Harvested from Plants for a Future Forest Garden. 

Young vine leaves can be used as a salad leaf, with a pleasant sharp flavour. They have a sweet grape like smell and are very tender. 

Suggested use

Eat raw as a salad leaf, nibble as an anti-oxidant rich snack or boil/steam lightly for a few minutes to use as a vegetable as you would spinach leaves. 


Here is the Plants for a Future data sheet:

For Information purposes only:

Vine leaves have long been incorporated into the human diet both as food and as medicine. 

Vine leaf extracts are often used to support the health of blood vessels, which is likely to be due to their resveratrol content. Resveratrol is becoming increasingly well known for its potential to positively impact health(1).

Quote from article:

Native Americans made grape leaves into a tea for diarrhoea, hepatitis, stomach aches and pains and thrush. They used wilted grape leaves for sore breasts, rheumatism, headaches and fevers. While grape leaves have a history of being used for a wide variety of conditions, more research is needed to determine true efficacy. (2)