Cola Herb

Cola Herb

Supplied by the inspirational Sinead and Adam at Aweside Farm

This plant is known for its Cola scent and flavour. Crush the leaves and smell them to increase the strength of the scent. 

Suggested uses:

Wash well before use

Use small amounts - one-two springs for cooking a main meal

Can be used as an interesting and unusual culinary herb, goes well with soups and stews, can be used in place of thyme or rosemary in any recipe - experiment and explore!


Cola and Lemon iced tea

Prepares 2 glasses of a mild flavoured tea

Bring 500ml of water to the boil in a saucepan and remove from the heat.

Add one whole piece of cola herb whilst the water falls just below boiling and allow to infuse into the water for 20-30minutes before removing the herb.

Allow the infused water to cool.

When fully cooled, half fill the serving glass, add a slice and squeeze of lemon and fill the cup to the top with ice.

Garnish with a pinch of fresh cola herb, half a lemon slice and enjoy!

(You can use more or less cola herb to suit your individual tastes - for a stronger flavour add 2-3 sprigs to the boiling water, or allow the tea to infuse for 2-3hours).

Gentle Cola Herb Tonic

This has a very subtle flavour, but because it does not involve heating the herb, it stays raw, preserving some of the nutrients that are lost through heating. 

Fill a jug with 1L of water, add 1-2 sprigs of cola herb, leave in the fridge overnight or for 12hours. Serve the water with a slice of cucumber or watermelon.

You can even serve with frozen watermelon balls/cubes or frozen cucumber chunks for a super cooling tonic. To make them - scoop out melon balls with a melon baller, or chop a cucumber into 1cm cubes, place each ball/cube into an ice cub mould. Pop in the freezer until frozen - serve in drinks. 

Cola stuffed meat/fish/nutloaf

Cut a small opening in the meat/fish/loaf to allow you to place 1-2 sprigs of cola herb inside. Rub sea/rock salt, finely chopped garlic, butter/olive oil into the opening and on the outside of the meat/fish/loaf. 

Roast, steam or BBQ as per the cooking time for the weight of the joint/loaf. 

Cola, pine nut and feta/BBQ chicken salad

Prepare a basic salad with leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and peppers. 

Add chopped feta cheese to the salad and/or BBQ chicken cut into small pieces

Add pine nuts 

Pull off the soft leaves from one-two whole sprigs of cola herb, (for a regular salad for 2 people)

Drizzle with garlic or chilli infused oil

Toss the ingredients together

Season to taste with sea salt

Serve and eat! 



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