Recommended Reading & Learning

Recommended Reading & Learning

Biome Box was created to facilitate connecting people to a better food production system. One that sees food grown in a way that supports nature, evolution and improved well being for all.

Buying our produce is simply the beginning of a journey.

We hope to inspire people to produce their own food in evolving systems that support nature and increasing levels of biodiversity. It is only through many individuals and small scale farms growing food this way that we can create a better food production system.

This list of recommended reading and courses will help you to grow or forage your own food, enabling you to help create a new way to produce foods. There are literally hundreds of books, courses and videos we could recommend, but these are just a small handful.

Once you get started - we hope you will continue on to find the next best course, video or book and let us know which ones have been most useful to you. 






Earth Care Manual -

Edible Paradise -

Miraculous Abundance -

The Foragers Garden -

The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook  -