Wild Weeds Herb Power

Wild Weeds Herb Power

A mix of dried edible weeds to make your own herbal vinegar infusion.

Contains dandelion leaf and root, cleavers, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, plantain leaf and chickweed. 

Suggestions for use;

Add to a bottle of vinegar (50-200ml) and leave in a cool, dark place. Shake the mixture each day and allow to steep for 2 weeks. 

After two weeks pour the vinegar through a freshly boiled flannel/small towel/muslin cloth, or a fabric/plastic tea strainer - You can always leave the herbs in if you prefer!

Use the vinegar in a variety of ways such as:

Stir 20-30ml of vinegar into cooked beans/chickpeas, add and mix finely chopped onions, grated carrots, finely chopped peppers and some sea salt to make a super weed bean salad!

Making vinaigrette dressings - mix with equal parts olive oil, add honey and sea salt to taste. 

Mix with honey and seasoning of choice, such as ground cumin or smoked paprika and marinate game meats, chicken, braising streak, or lamb in the vinegar before slow roasting with a selection of seasonal veg. 

Daily tonic - add a teaspoon of vinegar to a 100ml cup of warm water each morning for a daily diversity boost.

More information can be found here from Deanna at the Wild Pharma:


Use your imagination - use in place of vinegar in all kinds of dressings/sauces/marinades - to give you some extra weed diversity power in your foods and body.