Wild Girolle Mushrooms

Wild Girolle Mushrooms

Girolle are a type of Chanterelle mushroom. 

Foraged sustainably by Totally Wild UK. 

A wonderfully flavoured mushroom described as peppery with a subtle apricot flavour. There are many incredible recipes on-line using Girolle mushrooms, they are a favourite amongst chefs and wild foodies alike. 

Suggested uses

Use in place of regular mushrooms in any dish. Ideal when combined with creamy sauces. 

Makes a wonderful mushroom soup


For information purposes only:

The Chanterelles are considered to be a great source of polysaccharides like chitin and chitosan.

Certain Chanterelles are well known for possessing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-genotoxic effects, see the studies listed below (1,2). 


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