Wild salad leaves

Wild salad leaves

A selection of seasonal wild salad leaves. This mixture of wild foraged leaves adds amazing flavour and a unique flair, either as a side salad or mixed into a main salad. 

Contains a selection of seasonal leaves that are readily available at time of picking. 

Suggestions for use

Wash well before use

Eat raw as a side salad

Mix in with a main salad

Finely chop and serve with cooked beans/chickpeas/lentils and a mint vinaigrette dressing or Tzatziki .....heaven in a dish, I promise :)

Finely chop and mix with marinated, chargrilled chicken, steak or fish serve with a yoghurt dressing and seasoning of your choice, such as ground black cumin seeds/oil, chill flakes, garlic or just lemon and sea salt!