Seombadi - Wild Celery

Seombadi - Wild Celery

Perennial celery - Dystaenia takesimana - Supplied by Incredible Vegetables

The stalks and leaves from this can be used exactly as you would celery.

Info from Incredible Vegetables site:

Seombadi – perennial Korean celery (Dystaenia takesimana) also known in Korea as sobadi, or dwaejipul, and also called wild celery, Ulleung Giant Celery or Korean Pig Plant, Dystaenia takesimana is a very exciting and useful edible perennial plant.  It’s flavour sits somewhere between celery and lovage and makes a great addition to soups, and stays green through winter even in harsh conditions. It is very nutritious and incredibly cold hardy. Plant in full sun or partial shade, the plants have beautiful foliage and flowers which are also beneficial for insects and can reach about 2m tall when flowering. They prefer cool weather, but will cope with summer heat once they are established. Exciting news – we are producing our own seed for this crop, so will have plenty of plants and seed in the coming years. If you are terrible at growing regular celery like us, this is a fantastic alternative without all the work.

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