Sea Radish

Sea Radish

Powerfully WILD flavour. 

One of the most impressive edible wild foods you'll find. Rich, deep and evolving in flavour with every chew.

What begins as a cabbage like flavour soon takes on the kick of a powerful radish followed by aromatic and bitter after tones that remind you, that you are eating a WILD food. 

A coastal plant that grows all year round and thrives even in the challenging ground and conditions. 

A member of the cabbage family with (as the name suggests) a radish flavour. 

Suggested use:

Wash well before use

Can be eaten raw or cooked.

During winter the leaves become robust, thick and hairy - so many prefer to gently steam/sauté until the leaves are softened. However if leaves are chopped finely enough, the raw flavour truly gives food an exciting edge that no-one will be able to put their finger on!

Add to stir fries, steam or boil as you would cabbage.

Can also be roasted with onion and garlic and blended with plain live yoghurt as a delicious dip or meal accompaniment.