Sea Orache

Sea Orache

Referred to by the ancient Greeks as 'Halimon'

This plant thrives in alkaline, dry sandy soils - it draws up salt into its leaves and so confers a lovely salty flavour to dishes. 

Inland edible relatives of this plant include ‘Fat Hen’ which self seeds well and makes a great edible addition to an edible perennial garden. 

Suggested Uses:

Eat in the same easy as you would spinach. 

Use raw, or cook by wilting in oil (fried or baked), steam gently, or boil for a few minutes. 

Interesting info:

There are reports of it being used in ancient Greece as recorded by Pliny the Elder. The leaves can also be burnt to leave an alkali residue for making soaps!

Listed in my favourite on-line resource - Plants for a Future Database: