Sea Aster

Sea Aster

The word Aster translates as Star in ancient Greek. Sea aster comes from the Asteraceae sunflower family and is the perfect plant for celebrating our star the Sun as we enjoy the longest days of year. 

A delicious tender, salty succulent with a sweet nutty flavour and an accent of iron, due to the high mineral content. 

It is said to be a wonderful leaf for making sushi. 

Suggestions for use:

Can be used raw or cooked - wash well before eating/cooking 

Use in the same way you would broccoli to accompany meals, pairs particularly well with seafood. 

To cook, simply wilt in some boiling water or steamer, or to enhance the flavour further fry gently in some butter and olive oil  with a couple of cloves of finely chopped garlic. 

Here is a suggested recipe for a very yummy side dish: