Scarlet Elf Cups

Scarlet Elf Cups

Warning - must be cooked before eating. 

These little cup/bowl shaped fungi are rather aptly named, as you can easily imagine little elves' drinking from them in their woodland home. The team at Forager have come across an abundant find and are picking just a few for each of our customers to have a taste of this magical woodland fruit.

Scarlet elf cups are a saprophytic fungus that feeds on dead wood, helping to clear away dead trees, branches and twigs, returning carbon back into the soil food web, to support the ever evolving circle of life within the soil. 

This is a very special offering and should be enjoyed as a delicacy. Try to take time to be mindful when you eat it, giving thanks to the many life forms that keep life cycling and evolving into greater health and harmony upon our planet. 

Suggestions for use:

Wash well before use

Fry gently in some butter or olive oil until piping hot and soft - add some garlic or dried herbs like oregano, thyme or parsley to further enhance the flavour. 

Boil or steam or add to soups or stews - ensuring it is thoroughly cooked before eating.