Meadowsweet Vinegar

Meadowsweet Vinegar

Made by hand by the wonderful people at Forager. 

Meadowsweet is suitably known as 'The Queen of the Meadow' in the summer the soft creamy blooms fill the air with the sweet scent of honey and vanilla. 

It is these blooms that have been infused into apple cider vinegar. 

Meadowsweet does have quite a distinct medical smell associated with it, some say it resembles TCP or dettol. But when diluted and used in food, this gives way to the honey, vanilla and toffee like scents that the flower is favoured for. 

Suggested Uses

All of the wild plant infused vinegars we supply can be used very simply as a daily tonic to enhance dietary diversity - just add one teaspoon of vinegar to warm water first thing in the morning and drink. It pairs very well in this regard with a slice of lemon or lime or a teaspoon of honey. 

You can make this into a bright and crisp salad dressing by mixing with olive oil, lemon juice and a bit of salt. This pairs perfectly with the wild salads and bio-diversity salad you have received in your box this month.

Experiment with your own salad dressing ideas, like mixing with carrot, ginger and apple juice! Be inspired - Get creative. 

For those who enjoy a sour tang with your deserts, why not mix with some jam, honey or syrup and drizzle on icecream, fruit and cream or plain cheesecake!