Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

Hen of the Woods (Maitake)

DO NOT EAT RAW - As with all wild mushrooms, the advice is not to eat them raw. 

Cook well before use. As with all mushrooms some people don't tolerate them, so try small amounts and avoid if you suffer from food allergies. 

Commonly consumed in Japan, where it is also known as King of the Mushrooms!

This has a strong mushroom flavour, earthy and sweet. Can be used in place of any mushroom in a recipe, but must always be cooked before consuming, so do not use in a raw recipe. 

Suggested use:

Wash before use, ensure thoroughly cooked

Fry in some olive oil or butter with salt, pepper and garlic/chopped chives and serve on toasted sourdough. 

Make into a mushroom soup - use in place of normal mushrooms in any mushroom soup recipe. 

Add to soups or casseroles alongside red wine to add an umami flavour and depth.

For those who really fancy hitting the umami spot, fry in butter, and serve with well fermented soy sauce and sprinkle with seaweed powder and sea salt.