Hawthorn Berries and Crab Apples

Hawthorn Berries and Crab Apples

Supplied by Deanna from Wild Pharma 

Hawthorn berries are super rich in pectin, a gut healthy pre-biotic that feeds your microbiome.

They contain a large pip in the middle, so you need to cook them to extract the pulp - simply cover them in approx 200ml water, boil them for 30mins, then squash the pulp through a sieve, leaving the pips behind. Add this pulp back to the water you boiled the berries in and use as a base for sauces, chutneys, ketchup or jams. 

Suggested uses:

Use this to make ketchup, sauces, chutneys or simply boil up a tablespoon of berries to make a tea. 

Can be stored in the freezer for up to a year until you have time to make it. 

Here is Deanna's suggested recipe for making Ketchup:

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You could add a bit of the Hungarian hot wax chilli, included in your box, to spice up your ketchup!!


Other websites with great recipes!




 For information purposes only:

In folk medicine, Hawthorn berries are believed to strengthen and protect the heart. Though please consult with a herbalist or a healthcare practitioner if you would like to use them for medicinal purposes.