Fraser Fir Cones

Fraser Fir Cones

I love to include something a little 'weird and wonderful' in the Biome Box each month and this is it.

Fir cones have a wonderful Christmas tree smell and flavour.

Suggested Uses:

Simply boil 1 cone for  a few minutes to create a tea. Leave the fir cone in fridge and re-use again for up to a week. You can freeze the remainder of fir cones if you want to keep them fresh. Serve the tea with a little turmeric, lemon and honey for an additional wellbeing boost.

Alternatively you can boil the fir cones gently until they are softened, chop them up and add them to a grapefruit/citrus salad, with feta cheese, or avocado and pine seeds.

Further interesting uses - for information purposes only. 

Pine cones can be used to make a pine/fir cone syrup or jam - here are some youtube videos that show some ways you can make them. Pine/Fir cone syrup is a popular natural remedy used in Russia. 

How to make pine/fir cone syrup or jam: