Fraser Fir Cones

Fraser Fir Cones

I love to include something a little 'weird and wonderful' in the Biome Box each month and this is it.

Fir cones have a wonderful Christmas tree smell and flavour and I have no doubt that their health benefits will be too numerous to list when we begin to explore this wild food in greater scientific depth. 

Fir trees are well known for their immune boosting terpenes, which is why I love to include their various offerings in my diet on a regular basis. We are just at the end of the new fir shoots season (as they are now losing their tenderness and becoming too tough), so green cones are the next 'go to' from the fir tree's seasonal offerings.

Suggested Uses:

Simply boil 1-2 cones for 5minutes to create a potent tea. Leave fir cone in fridge and re-use for up to a week or until the flavour fades. You can freeze the remainder of fir cones if you want to keep them fresh. Serve the tea with a little turmeric, lemon and honey for additional anti-inflammatory and wellbeing boosting effects. 

Alternatively you can boil the fir cones gently until they are softened, chop them up and add them to a grapefruit/citrus salad, with feta cheese, or avocado and pine seeds.

If you want to create a sweet and medicinal treat that will last and that you can use to top yourself up through winter, then make a pine/fir cone syrup or jam - here are some youtube videos detailing how to make them. Pine/Fir cone syrup is a popular natural remedy used in Russia. 

How to make pine/fir cone syrup or jam: