Galium aparine

Also known as sticky weed or goose grass. Most people know this plant from their childhood days, it's the sticky weed that grows practically everywhere and sticks to fabrics. Many will have fond memories of sticking it to friends or siblings backs whilst they weren't looking. 


A little known fact about this plan, is that is in known to contain vitamin C and is edible. 

In the early spring, (before it gets rough and sticky) the new shoots can be enjoyed as part of a salad. But further along, when it has become rough, it can be used to make pleasantly 'green' tasting drinks and juices. 

Suggested uses:

Always wash before use

Blend with a cup of water into a smooth liquid and drink the green juice immediately. 

Blend with a cup of water, an apple and a small piece of ginger for a super-boost. 

To make a superb refreshing tonic. Leave a bunch of cleavers immersed in a 1L-2L jug of water overnight in the fridge. Pour the water as required, add some ice and a slice of lemon or ginger and top yourself up with feel good-ness. 

Note - if you pick your own - ensure you only gather it from areas free from environmental contamination.