Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers

Supplied by the edible perennials experts at Incredible Vegetables, or Aweside Farm (see growers info pages for more details). 

The colour in these bright flowers comes from antioxidants pigments and they have been consumed since ancient times.  Though not native to the UK, they grow well here and make a bright and hardy addition to anyone's garden, growing space or window salad box. 

Suggested Uses:

Simply remove the petals from the base and eat raw or cooked. 

They are colourful and flavourful - with a mild peppery taste that wonderfully accents salads and cooked meals alike. 

They can be used in place of saffron for colouring dishes, to decorate salads and soups. 

You can make a fabulous vinaigrette dressing by leaving the petals to steep in your chosen vinegar for 1-2 weeks (shake every couple of days), use this vinegar as your vinaigrette base. 

More Info and recipes: