These sweet flower heads have been grown by the brilliant Sinead and Adam at Aweside, where there are plenty of flowers growing to keep the bees and other pollinators happy!

Angelica is such a majestic ancient herb, it has earned various titles, including The Holy Ghost, Master wort & Michael the Archangel. Growing it in the garden offers a joy that is impossible to describe. It stands so strongly and proudly, holding a beautiful structure all year with its arching hand like leaves, until the harshest of frosts eventually causes it to retreat into the earth. It usually flowers and then dies back in its second year - self seeding the next generation and providing extra food in the form of seeds for birds over winter. 

It has a long history of culinary and medicinal use, being used to alleviate a broad range of health complaints. Read more about it here:

Suggested uses:

Wash well before use

Can be eaten raw or cooked

Pull off individual balls and eat them as a snack treat or use them to decorate and eat with salads, deserts or cooked meals.

Use one-two balls to make a tea - leaving to steep for 10minutes. 

Can be used as a herb/spice in cooking savoury or sweet dishes - use in place of fennel, caraway or anise.