'Adventurous Plate' Salad

'Adventurous Plate' Salad

This is a mixture of tasty leaves to nibble on, or simply add to other salads to satisfy your need for an adventure on your plate!

Contains a mixture of:

Garlic cress - subtle garlic hit, followed up with a cabbage like, mildly spicy flavour

Mashua leaves - peppery leaves that give your palate a pleasant kick. 

Immortality herb (otherwise known as gynostemma pentaphyllum) - sweet aftertaste with licorice like flavours. 

Vietnamese coriander - Highly aromatic and powerful flavour with strong peppery kick. 

Sweet potato leaves - Mild leaf, similar in taste and texture to spinach.

Fennel flowers - Strong sweet aniseed/licorice flavour - like a floral sweet.

Nasturtium flowers - peppery 

Lemon Balm - herby, lemon flavour that enhances any salad. 

 Yarrow - herby bitter flavour a bit like a cross between thyme and sage

Suggest use:

Simply add to a normal salad to turn it into an interesting experience, or just nibble on its own!

Try to really savour each type of leaf's flavour, aroma and effect on your physiology!

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