Veganuary and Regenuary

Veganuary and Regenuary

Faddy movements or forces for positive change?

Biome Box was created to enhance and protect small scale growers and our capacity to grow diverse wholesome healthy food, from healthy soil, on our own lands. 

After struggling to find foods grown/reared on healthy soil when I wanted to source the best nutrition for my children, it was clear that small scale growers, carefully tending the land, were struggling to create financially viable businesses. They were all struggling to stay afloat.

Biome Box aims to offer a unique solution to this. We offer an educational experience with each box, supporting our customers to realise the true value of small scale regenerative growers and diverse produce from healthy soils. We also connect growers with a broader market, that can stabilise their finances, as their local and seasonal income ebbs and flows. Local is best for consumers, but growers need to access the resilience offered by a diverse and sometimes more distant customer base. This is why many small scale growers are unable to make things work financially - they do not participate in a national economy if they are focused only upon the ideal of local veg boxes.

Biome Box offers this essential lifeline to ensure small scale growers survive and thrive, despite the challenges. Support local - yes, but also seek out those independent companies further afield that are pioneering a better way forward and rely upon national support. 

We are sadly living in a world that values convenient, short term, reductive, quick fix, (often destructive) solutions - over long term, life enhancing, evolutionary adaptation. Whilst this trend continues we are going to reduce the quality of life for all life on earth.

The inevitable conclusion of our current direction is to rely ever more heavily on technology in all aspects of our lives, including in producing our food.

The current trajectory will see the meat industry destroyed in favour of synthetic, patentable (and therefore profitable) meat substitutes, alongside protein produced by microbes in vats reliant on mono-cultured GM grain substrates. Fields that could yield abundant harvests from perennial systems such as diverse edible forest gardens will be replaced by rapidly growing trees to burn for biomass, to site solar panels, or to generate more revenue through eco-tourism through 'conservation'. This totally misses the greater potential for truly diverse, nature enhancing systems to offer even greater benefits. Edible perennial forest gardens for example offer a veritable feast for wildlife and humans - all year round. Offering seeds, fruits, insects, leafy greens and copious amounts of food for the soil in the form of leaf matter. These edible systems reach even greater heights in terms of diversity, when they border glades teeming with wildflowers and diverse grasses. Multi species regenerative grazing systems like agro-ecologically managed livestock, offer rapid restoration of soil life and a maximally diverse ecosystem above ground too. 

This is the vision Biome Box holds for the future of food production, but in order for it to unfold, the public will have to stop supporting the destructive future that is currently being sold to us. That requires people to see through the greenwashing. 

The profit generating incentives offered by fake factory produced foods, have massive implications for the information that the public is exposed to, especially when it comes to veganism. Now we are not being led by unbiased science and are instead driving profit into destructive options. 

Humanities ‘green’ ideals are being manipulated and used. As people search for a way to make better choices, they find themselves bombarded at every angle by advertising and biased data. We are told that plant based diets are healthier for us - but is this true....for everyone? I certainly never felt more ill than when following a plant based diet and nearly everyone I know has struggled with this too, complaining of digestive issues, joint problems, tooth decay, gum disease and endocrine imbalances. Another area that I believe the public is being deceived is in believing that because something is vegan that it is automatically good for the planet and good for their health. 

Now a diet of vegan pizzas, processed fake chicken balls, or fake meat burgers largely reliant on monocultured GM crops, is suddenly believed to be beneficial to the planet and to individuals. 

Unfortunately the current focus on green ideals has led to a whole heap of destructive industries jumping on the 'planet friendly' bandwagon and selling their services as quick fix, guilt free solutions. Yet this is leading us in exactly the opposite direction we truly need. 

In order to make truly green choices, we have to begin considering the longer term, bigger picture. Unfortunately veganuary has now been corrupted by greenwashing to the point that it no longer serves the intentions it was created to serve and instead allows a confused, misguided populace to further the processed, industrially produced food sector. 

Regenuary aims to counter this negative influence and instead encourage people to make food choices that lead to more diverse ecosystems, healthier soils, cleaner air and water and consequently greater health for all life. There are regenerative methods of producing food that return us back to the soil, back to a healthier, more life enhancing approach when making choices about what we eat. 

The current trend in consumer choices and advertising, directs money into the industrial food production systems, into greater reliance on monocultured GMO crops doused with chemicals. This is causing ever more devastating destruction to our capacity to produce our own healthy food from healthy soil. 

Good intentions and meaning well are only the beginning of making better choices - they must be followed up by personal research and finding what is ACTUALLY good for the planet and all life living upon it. 

Regenuary is now supported by producers throughout the UK that are finding ways to regenerate life within and above our soils. Whether your food choices can be described as vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore or anything else, we urgently need to spread greater awareness of the consequences of our choices.

What you eat matters - you can make a difference through your food choices - but where there are quick fix, industrially produced, processed foods on offer - then be sure to do your homework and find out where the raw ingredients for such things are sourced from and what destruction is caused by their production. 

Where did Regenuary begin?

REGENUARY is a campaign started by Glen Burrows at the ethical butcher back in 2020. The idea was to get more people to consider the impact of the food they eat.

Put simply, #regenuary is a model of continuous improvement.

Head over to the ethical butcher website to find out more click HERE


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